Application Overview

The Glow Inc will provide full-feature website as well as Android & IOS mobile applications.




Application overview

Purpose of The Glow Inc

Majority of the salon industry in Indonesia comprises standalone outlets, where most of them suffer from lack of back-end infrastructure, standardisation, technological automation, intelligent pricing, branding and marketing, amongst many others. It is significantly more costly for beauty salon-owners to gain new clients than to keep existing ones. Many beauty salons fail because they don't streamline their marketing enough; ineffective and poorly targeted marketing leads to less brand visibility and therefore less business.

For freelancers, to get discovered and attract new clients, they have to spend on Instagram advertising, setting up their website, managing it, what can be costly. 

For Customers, due to lack of ratings and feedback, it is hard to find out information about the new salon and their services. In most cases, clients rely on a friend recommendation and stick to the beauticians they are familiar with. It is also very difficult to find new stylists and book last-minute appointments. It is even more difficult to keep up with new trends and offers. Another problem is endless WhatsApp messages about availability and scheduling appointments, which is driving people mad. An online platform such as GoGlam and HelloBeauty do not offer a high standard of services and lack reliability. 

Furthermore, exiting platforms seek to promote their marketplace brand and therefore strip any individuality from freelance beauticians and salons, not allowing them to develop their customer database and brand. Besides, the existing beauty marketplaces impose limits for beauticians and small businesses by subtracting commissions from their  revenues. Therefore, vendors are forced to increase their service prices and are unable to provide their customers with competitive pricing.

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Enabled by technology, the continued year over year growth in online shopping has been fuelled by a new generation of consumers who want greater convenience, value and options.




Browse portfolio of spa, salon, freelancer and find place customers prefer. Keep track of discounts and latest promotions.

Map View

Makes it easier to find trusted service provider at any location.

Interactive Calendar

Facilitates booking, management and cancellation of appointments online. Keep track of appointments with mobile notifications.


Accept credit card payment, chose your preferred cancellation policy and charge for no-shows. Integration with popular payment getaways.

Real Life Reviews

Share vendor services review and photo, share best work to attract more clients. No need to set up a website and manage it. All free of charge.

Manage Your Time

Get 24/7 bookings and client relationships. No more endless chats, cancellations and modifications. Once you share schedule online, clients can find suitable time themselves. Once appointment is booked, clients get notifications after vendor accept


Sign up as a client, independent vendor or a business and we keep you updated.